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shop for colour

Dec. 10, 2018  |  HOW TO

How to integrate colour into your shopping routine

  • Colour-code your shopping list, checking to make sure you're picking up every colour of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, tan-white, green, blue-purple)

  • Set realistic goals of plant food diversity, working up to 10/day and 30/week

  • Check out what's seasonal and fresh, as the ingredients generally pair well together

  • Experiment with herbs and spices, opting for fresh where possible

  • Keep in mind that "colourless" (tan-white) foods are packed full of nutrients too!


Eating the rainbow ensures you can access a wide range of nutrients. 

embrace colour
Sliced citrus fruits

Nov. 26, 2018  |  HEALTH

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Nov. 23, 2018  |  RECIPES

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

Nov. 2, 2018  |  RECIPES

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